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The first sunset


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I was born in 1988 in a little country, Moldova. I have been painting since as far back as I can remember, proudly displaying my art in school exhibitions when I was just a little girl. Outstanding mentors like Romeo Schitco, Anatol Miron and Isai Carmu guided me while I was still in middle school.

Blessed to have had great teachers in the persons of moldavian painters and encouraged to follow the activity more professionally although I was just a teenager. I cherish every moment spent while learning in a master 's atelier, Ion Serbinov, painter and professor at Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau.

Today works are in private collections across Moldova and abroad.

In the last 10 years, my creation got to a certain abstract style, where you may discover flowers, clouds, traditional and religious elements along with surrealism that allows the viewer to be part of the final act of the painting. I paint only in oil, both palette knife and brush.

When I'm painting all borders and limits disappear as I may discover another worlds full of magic. The unique travels trough my art leave traces on canvas that will certainly touch your soul.

Olivia Furtună Efremov/ Painter

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